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Welcome to Dining Table Creative Services.

Big decisions have been always made over a meal.

Some of the biggest success stories in business in the country haven’t begun in boardrooms or with people in suits and ties. They have begun with families sitting and discussing ideas over a meal at the dining table. There’s no place here for complex words or egos. Just intimate, honest conversations over some good food.

Let’s discuss your business.

Need design, packaging or advertising for your new product? Looking for strategy on growing your business? Want to find a CMO for your company?

Well, let’s have a conversation about it over a meal. Without the jargons or the intimidation that a boardroom comes with. Ask us all the questions, and we’ll arrive at a solution that works best for your business.

And before all that, we begin with the most important question. ‘What would you like to have?’ Dal Bati, Macher Jhol, Idli Sambar or Butter Chicken?’

The People

What makes time spent at any dining table worthwhile are the people that gather around it. That’s why we bring together the business expertise, intelligence and creativity of a fine bunch of entrepreneurs who have built many brands over the years and had a huge impact on their success.

Prahlad Kakkar
Chief Mentor, Creativeland Asia
Chairman, India SME Forum
Prahlad Kakkar
Sajan Raj Kurup
Founder and Creative Chairman,
Creativeland Asia
Sajan Raj Kurup
Dr. Bala Subramanian
Chief Financial Officer,
Creativeland Asia
Dr. Bala Subramanian

What we offer.

We’ve got a wide range of services in place to help you grow your business into the professional set-up it deserves to be. So, do let us know what you’d like us to help you with.



Strategic and tactical
marketing campaigns
for your business.

Marketing Consultancy
What is the right marketing campaign for me? I have a product to launch, what will be my best strategy to go to market?


Business services tailor-made
for your brand and scale of

Business Consultancy
How do I raise money for my business? Do I need to go in for a PE or a VC firm or should I raise debt? How can I ensure working capital at the right time, and how do I make my cash flow work for me?


Packaging, product, logo
and business environment

Design Consultancy
How can I revitalize the look and feel of my logo and business stationery? We are growing, can I redesign my office to attract and retain young talent?


Rethink your business in terms
of structure or processes used
for increased profits.

Organisational Transformation
Do I need PR? Is there an organic way of getting PR or should I pay for it? How do I organize my business efficiently for growth and expansion?

Legal and

Client or vendor contracts
and intellectual property

Legal and Compliance
How do I go about creating professional contracts with my clients and vendors? What are IP laws?


Advertising campaign, brand launch,
brand refresh and digital communication
for your service or product.

Communication Consultancy
How do I launch my product in the market? What’s the best way to advertise my product?

Come dine with us.

I’d like to meet at the Dining Table for . I’d like to drop by on for with others. We are and our preferred cuisine is You can reach me at .